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by on Aug.14, 2013, under Author news, Bookshelf, Reviews

Reviewers, do you enjoy a bit of banter in your regencies? A little mystery, perhaps? A TRYST WITH TROUBLE is now available for preview on Netgalley.

Click here to jump to the Netgalley catalog entry.

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A Tryst With Trouble cover art!

by on Jul.24, 2013, under Author news, Bookshelf

One of the most exciting parts of bringing out a new book is seeing the cover art for the first time. Now the characters that have so far been only in my head have faces and bodies (very nice bodies, in most cases!). Here’s the new cover image for my September 23 release, A Tryst With Trouble.

A Tryst With Trouble cover

The cover for A Tryst With Trouble. I got the busty redhead I was hoping for!

Isn’t it gorgeous? The redhead is Lady Barbara Jeffords, and the very attentive gentleman behind her is Ben, short for the Marquess of Beningbrough. It’s a fun book and I hope you’ll enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

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Italian translation!

by on Jun.08, 2013, under Author news, Bookshelf

I just learned yesterday that Ruined by Rumor has been translated into an Italian edition, called Scandali e Altri Rimedi (Scandals and Other Remedies*). One of the tags is “matrimonio riparatore,” which is apparently Italian for “shotgun wedding.”

Click here to see the Italian edition. I love the cover!

*P.S. – I recently learned that a better English translation might be “Scandals and Other Drugs.” Apologies to my Italian friends for knowing so little about their very musical language.

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Book release news

by on Jan.25, 2013, under Author news, Bookshelf

I’ve had two pieces of good news this month regarding the release of my books.

First, my March 25 release, Lord of Secrets, will be available not only as an e-book, but also as an audiobook. Look for it on

Second, A Tryst With Trouble–the book that was supposed to be released by Dorchester, but with the demise of that publisher became a Carina Press title–has a scheduled release date of September 23, 2013.

That means I’ll have two regencies out this year. I hope you enjoy them!

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Cover for Lord of Secrets

by on Dec.10, 2012, under Author news, Bookshelf

Lord of Secrets isn’t out yet, but here’s a preview of the book cover.

Cover for Lord of Secrets

Lord of Secrets will be released March 25, 2013.

Carina Press always does a great job with their covers. I’m thrilled with the way it came out and can’t wait for you to read the story.

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Carina to publish Lord of Secrets

by on Jul.22, 2012, under Author news, Bookshelf

I’ve made some passing references to my next regency, but now it’s official: Carina Press will publish Lord of Secrets (that’s the new title) on or about March 25, 2013.

Lord of Secrets is the story of a young woman, Rosalie Whitwell, who’s spent most of her life sailing the globe with her father. When he suffers a fatal heart attack in the middle of the North Atlantic, she turns in her panic to a fellow passenger–the moody, mysterious Lord Deal.

Having witnessed his father’s suicide years before, David Linney, Marquess of Deal, has withdrawn from society, living the life of a recluse. Even so, he’s drawn to his pretty shipmate, like him the victim of family tragedy.

The end of the voyage spurs David to propose. But on their wedding night, Rosalie meets with an unwelcome surprise: her handsome husband is strangely unwilling to consummate the marriage. Is her own lack of allure to blame, or is there some other reason for David’s reluctance? To find the answer, Rosalie must unlock the secret of David’s past.

To view a Pinterest board of the story inspirations, click here.

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My Christmas present

by on Dec.24, 2011, under Author news, Bookshelf

Though my debut release has been postponed until the spring, I’ve received two pieces of good news about A TRYST WITH TROUBLE. First, it’s up on NetGalley for romance bloggers, librarians, and other book reviewers to preview.

Second, I got my first ever review!  Click here to read it.

I hope you get nothing but good news this Christmas (or whatever holidays you celebrate at this time of year).

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